Why choose Sales Management Academy?

SMA is the most practical commercial development program that in 10 days works intensely on the beliefs that support the essential behaviors for a successful Commercial Management and, most importantly, produces results.

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Sales management is learned in a structured way – in steps

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Being a good sales manager involves soft skills and hard skills

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Each session is delivered by a Sfera Business expert with relevant experience in the facilitated topic

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We use the attributes of a seller to build a performance manager

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We use the perspective of an organizational psychologist and a neuroscience specialist

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We aim to create a community of passionate sales management people


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Who is it made for?

Experienced Sales Managers from Romanian and multinational companies that intend to validate their own model and find out new elements in the process area, leadership dedicated to commercial teams or applied neurosciences;
Sales managers at the beginning of their career who aim to structure their skills and abilities necessary for professional development;
High-potentials in commercial departments preparing to take on a new role.

What makes it different?

  • Multidisciplinary approach: We combine the experience of the experienced salesman with the science of organizational psychology applied to the important processes of team management. We are practicing persuasion methods that directly target the final court that makes the purchasing decisions: the client’s brain.
  • We measure, evaluate, quantify: Our discussions start from observable and evaluable things, or lead to conclusions translated into behaviors and attitudes that can be applied immediately.
  • We innovate and experience the new, permanent: In us, only the name of some concepts is classic, not what happens inside them. From advanced persuasion techniques, to psychometric instruments and neuro technology.

Benefits of SMA


Sales Managers Club

You will be part of a community of people passionate about sales management and meet  colleagues who will help you in your professional career.



You will benefit from sharing good practices with your colleagues in the guild, while you will be able to expose the problems you are facing and find together top solutions for you and your organization.



Because being a good sales manager involves soft skills and hard skills; it is extremely important to understand perfectly the lines of a P&L and the impact key but you cannot do this without a trained, motivated, committed and professional team.



Over 20 exercises, questionnaires and case studies.


Experienced trainers

Trainers with over 10 years’ experience in the areas where they deliver Sfera Business programs.

Contact us to save your place in the next edition, or write directly to ioana.hincu@sferabusiness.ro



Companies who have trusted SMA

Modules and subjects


The event will be held offline, at Ramada North Hotel (Daniel Danielopolu street no.44, Bucharest), unless the global and national situation requires that we stay in our homes to preserve the health of participants and trainers, in which case the sessions will be held online, via Zoom.


Contact us

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