George Frusinoiu has been delivering teambuilding programs for over 10 years. He has a rich experience with the corporate environment and has been employed in the financial department (Vodafone, Trylon TSF), as well as facilitator in the over 300 programs implemented.

He has led teams from 8 to 350 people, in indoor and outdoor programs in all areas of Romania and abroad.

Designs customized programs for the needs of the group and adapts the way of working to the needs of the team. Analyzes, challenges and develops teams through informal activities.
The programs implemented have the predominance of outdoor, which requires from an organizational point of view, a dynamic, active person and high socialization skills.
He graduated the Marketing faculty of ASE Bucharest and has a master’s degree in communication from SNSPA and also has a Train for Trainers certificare at EBT Romania.

George Frusinoiu Team Building