Florin has over 15 years of experience as organizational Psychologist, both as member of the HR teams in different important companies (the last one and the most consistent – Telekom Romania) and also as external consultant for assessment, recruitment, climate diagnosis and organization development Florin frequently uses and develop tests and methodologies for various assessments programs in important areas like: personality, motivation and specific competencies in the work place.

He is fully certified in using all the major tools of SHL methodology: psychometrics instruments, design and conduct assessment and development center, competency based interview. Licensed in Psychology, Florin Glinta graduated the Managerial Communication and HR Master in SNSPA. He published an important number of researches and articles on different themes like trust in teams, leadership styles, occupational stress and burnout, cognitive or emotional intelligence.

Florin has a ANC (CNFPA) trainer accreditation and delivered complex programs for important companies in Romania on topics such as stress management, team development, managerial roles, feedback and coaching,motivation, emotional intelligence, change management, etc.

Florin Glinta, Psiholog Organizational