Aslak de Silva is a Finnish business executive and a keynote speaker who specializes in leadership development, sales, and marketing. He is currently the CEO of Nordic Business Forum, a position that he took over from Co-Founder Hans-Peter Siefen in March 2018. He also serves as a board member of Differo, Oslo Business Forum, and the Nordic Business Report.

He holds a master’s in international management from the Graduate Business School at the University of Gothenburg where he received the best thesis award (Malmsten Award). Before starting university, he served as a peacekeeper in Kosovo with KFOR.

Yearly, de Silva holds about 30-40 keynote speeches, mainly in Finland, but also in Sweden, Estonia, other European countries and the USA. Audience sizes from 50 to 8000. Opening Nordic Business Forum events for 8000 in the audience.

Aslak De Silva