The game scenario

You are the Administrator of a company which is developing and selling an inovative product. Your focus in the first part of the simulation is on production and sales, considering the challenges that will be announced by the collegues who are in charge with each department. You have huge opportunities fir development, challenges, current single situations which you don’t know at the beginning of the simulation. You permanently receive staticstics, market information and financial reports. You can adjust every month the decisions, according to conclusions from the financials from previous months. You will have to succed in this complex management process!

progression of online business simulation

What happens in the Business Strategy for Success game?

  • You run a company. At the beginning, everything looks simple. You take decisions mainly related to production, raw materials acquisitions, sales. The company is making money, the stakeholders are happy;
  • Some business opportunities apeair; And challenges; refurbishing the production lines seems to worth. You have to obtain sime loans. What is your decision? What about the cash-flow for the next period?
  • The business became more complex. The new company position would require a more complex management system. Your collegues permanently send you messages, suggest directions, decisions;
  • You analyse, by the end of each month, the statistics and the financial instrumentsl you learn from the knowledge base and from the trainer how you should interpret the ratios from the reports;
  • At the end of the game, you can fulfill the quiz prepared for you. If you get it! It will not be easy.

Which are the objectives of the program?

You understand the impact of the managerial decisions for a company acting in a virtual, normal business environment. You will find a lot of information regarding models, concepts, measures and you can test them with no risks, immeddiately. You will receive consistent financial reports so you can rapidly understand the links between the lines of an income statement or balance sheet. Finally, you see what decision were taken by the others and understand what can do better in real life. You learn and you even don’t notice that. It is a game. At the end, you will be more experienced.

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