Ioana attended the Legal and Administrative Faculty at Dumitrie Cantemir University.
She worked for a bank of national and international relevance, in the restructuring and collection division.
Shen then worked in a multinational company, being responsible for managing large corporate and corporate cases, part of different NPL portfolios – from file analysis, administration of the field activity, and recovery strategy to negotiation and sales.
In the same company, she was part of the Risk Management team, ensuring that the business processes and transactions followed all relevant legal and internal guidelines.
Ioana is a people person and she believes that thirst for knowledge and development should accompany us every step, as well as the desire to share our experiences, so when she decided to explore the HR area, she chose to join the People Services team of a Big4 company.
In 2019, she attended the Romanian Banking Institute workshop – Compliance risk, measurement and management of risk at the level of a financial, credit or insurance institution.
At Sfera Business, Ioana is the Sales Manager.
Ioana Hincu Sfera Business


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