Online Training

We use the latest technologies to bring the whole learning experience online, with case studies, group exercises and more.

Online Training

We use the latest technologies to bring the whole learning experience online, with case studies, group exercises and more.

Interactive. Applicable. Engaging

We combine the best of our offline trainings with the most updated technologies to bring you interactive trainings full of activities, examples and real cases. We bring highly experienced trainers from Romania and Spain into our virtual classrooms to deliver the following trainings:

Delivered by Catalin Stancu

From strategic to operational. The Sfera Business Model for conducting meetings

Translation into strategic/ tactical/ operational, concrete techniques of facilitation for increasing the efficiency and commitment of the participants. Redesigned for remote management of the teams.

Essential feedback skills. Simple steps in the delegation process

How to provide effective feedback for performance. Empowerment, milestones, key steps for an efficient delegation. Tips and tricks.
Delivered by Florin Glinta

Offline was easier! Performance evaluation for remote teams

Adapted approach and tools for assessing performance and intervening for improvement in remote teams.

Feedback, coaching, delegation for teams that interact in virtual environment

What is common and what is different: how we correctly use each of these tools in development contexts; role plays, exercises for practicing the techniques, ang getting the art of asking skillful questions in coaching.

Emotions, actors and relationships in change management. Are you ready?

Managing change from an individual perspective and managing the process from the organizational perspective; how we build and communicate a real organizational change.

Best practices for motivating your team in remote management

Essential techniques for self-motivation when you seem to be alone; how to eliminate the barriers, context-related factors that generate motivation, tools for motivating people in real business situations.

Stress management in crisis situations – how much are we in control?

Internal resources and answers that help in managing strain when you have no choice; how ell do I react? Self-evaluation of the stress responses; typical sources for occupational stress and practical strategies for coping.
Delivered by Diana Dodoc Stanculescu

NLP tools for improving business relationships

About human patterns – how our mind is working and how we can train it for better results; VAKOG representation systems – how we see the world and how this helps us in business relationships; circular questions or the metaprograms – the art of eliciting clear answers using skilled questions.

Successful Leadership Techniques

One of the characteristics that all leaders share in common is their aim to better understand and support the teams for developing them and making them outstanding in their work. This course is ideal for the persons that want to acquire new tools and techniques for leading teams to excellence.
Delivered by Pablo Ferreirós Bennett

How to sell to the brain

“How to sell to the brain” is a great opportunity for companies to deeply understand how the human brain works from a marketing and business point of view and try to understand and predict consumer’s behaviour, for example liking a brand, buying or not a product, etc.

Negotiation can be easy… (if you know how to)

Coming soon
Delivered by Adriana González Gil

Neuroscience principles applied to online business optimization

The way we understand online business and the metrics we have used so far are only useful to determine how people behave, but give no insight on why they behave like that. With the help of neuroscience we can understand and influence that behaviour like never before, and optimize online actions scientifically.
Delivered by Lorena Dragusel

The sales process – call flow (B2B) – by phone

Coming soon.

Online doesn't mean distant

We use all tools available to ensure you can interact, work in teams, do collaborative projects, and everything you need to be engaged and retain the knowledge easily.

Zoom Logo

It lets us host one-to-one or one-to-many interactions, create breakout rooms to work in teams, share presentations, files and flip charts, and facilitate discussions between participants.

Menti Logo

It’s a tool that allows us to create interactive presentations and short quizzes to keep in touch with the public, engage them, and quickly learn their opinions, expectations and needs.

Mural logo

This online design thinking tool allows teams to collaborate remotely on visual content and write, draw, connect, and organize ideas on a virtual workspace meant to facilitate retention.

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Participants will work on shared content and edit it simultaneously. They can work in any kind of document (presentations, spreadsheets, etc) needed for their individual or group activities.

The trainers

Catalin Stancu Sfera Business


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Florin Glinta Organizational Psychologist


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Diana Stanculescu Sfera Business


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Pablo Ferreirós Trainer Sfera Business


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Adriana González Gil Sfera Business


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Cristina Neacsu Trainer Sfera Business


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Other options of professional development

  • Webinars

    Short pills of knowledge delivered online by experts from different countries to develop specific business skills

  • Online Business Simulations

    Apply the knowledge in digital scenarios. Make lifelike business decisions and learn from their consequences

  • Open sessions

    Besides our custom trainings, we have open sessions on subjects like Key Account Management and Neuroscience.

  • Custom Trainings

    We offer our clients the most relevant case studies, best practices and tools that in time can generate consistent results.