Diana Dodoc Stanculescu is a Trainer and Coach with over 10 years of experience. She has extensive expertise in Organizational Psychology and Communication, Personal and Professional Development, Individual/Organizational and Team Coaching, Sales Psychology, Strategic Planning and Performance Support in Romanian companies and public institutions.
Diana is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. She holds the Practitioner, Master, Coach, Master and Teacher Trainer certifications obtained from the Kutschera Institute in Vienna. She is an ANC Accredited Trainer, EU Authorized Trainer in Public Administration Vocational Training, IANLP Authorized Teacher Trainer and Kutschera Resonanz Austria and Authorized Teacher Trainer in Nonverbal Communication and Body Language.

Diana can support organizations in the following areas:

  • State management – the right state for success;
  • Management training;
  • Change management and stabilization and work-life balance;
  • Managing the change process at personal and professional level;
  • Conflict and team management;
  • Development of team projects and strategies;
  • Project management;
  • Communication training;
  • Public speaking and presentations;
  • Mission and vision development, strategic planning;
  • Establishing the vision and strategies for managers and teams;
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR);
  • Holistic development of the corporation;
  • Prevention of exhaustion and promotion of psycho-social health;
  • Neurolinguistic programming Resonanz Method;
  • Talent management.

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