The game scenario

You are the new General Manager of a company which is one of the most well-known producers on regional level. The company is functional for 6 months, and you have all the equipments and technology needed, sufficient employees for current needs and all the financial reports in order to create busines scenarios. The previous management team had been fired and you have a difficult task. In front of you there are 24 months, where you will have to make decisions and to analyse their impact. You run the company, with clear objectives.

progression of online business simulation

What happens in the “Crisis and Change Management” Business Game?

  • You run a company. You have to overcome 3 obstacles, in 3 chapters: a crisis generated by low liquidity, a technological crisis and one of the sales channels.

  • It’s a good time to adapt. To understand quickly, to change. Check the impact. Go on one scenario, maybe more. It’s time to run your company; to resist;

  • You receive messages, during the game, from colleagues who inform you about the status of the company and about new elements that can change the rules of the game;

  • Make decisions in marketing, sales, HR, production, procurement, administrative, R&D. And you see the impact. Immediate. In highly relevant statistics and financial statements.

  • You have both a knowledge base to which you can appeal during the game, and a facilitator with at least 15 years of experience that supports and guides you in the process.

Which are the objectives of the program?

Through a serious business game, you can apply your crisis management abilities on the level of a virtual company. You will see the holistic impact of your decisions. You will understand the links between those departamental decisions. You can go bankrupt -fortunately in a virtual situation- or you can end the game, with exceptional results and much more experienced. At the end of the day, you learn. A lot. From all the scenarios.

Results of business simulation
Business Simulation Statistics

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