What our clients say about us

Head of Human Resources - APS

Together with Sfera Business we were able to plan, but also concretely achieve, the development of our employees, whether it was top management, middle management, or people with potential in the execution area. Sfera Business has been a reliable partner, who came up with innovative solutions, new trends and offered us quality programs every year of collaboration. I can say that at this moment, Sfera partners are part of the APS family.

Head of Operations – Cafea Fortuna

Our relationship with Sfera Business began at the end of 2017, at a time with many challenges within the sales department. After a period of one year in which I worked hard on improving the way of working and reforming the team, I can say that we have reached a higher level of business. Moreover, the information and advice we received constantly helped us to “clarify” the uncertainties and to have a better direction. I am convinced that from now on we will have an equally beneficial collaboration.

Managing Director - Rywal RHC România

The first time I “tested” Sfera Business was participating in an open course in Bucharest: “Team Management”, where Cătălin was the trainer. Even though I had attended other trainings, including team management, I really liked Cătălin’s practical approach, with examples and exercises.

After that, I continued the Sfera Business experience with Cătălin, and we left the sales team in his hands for 3 days, on a training adapted to our needs.

Again, the practical examples and the exercises delighted the sales team, but not only that: in a short time I noticed a change in the attitude and approach of the sales team. I wholeheartedly recommend Sfera Business as an experienced and enthusiastic team.

Education Manager - Estee Lauder Group of companies

During the 2 years of collaboration, which were aimed at educating consultants and increasing sales, the collaboration with you was excellent. Above all I appreciated the transparency of our collaboration and the ease with which we synchronized the information about the brand with your information. Sales seminars were built in line with our requirements and the message to the consultant was a concise, simple one, easy to turn into a sell out.

Commercial Director Consumer Products Division - L'OREAL
Sfera has an important differentiator in the sales training area in FMCG: relevant expertise of the trainers team. In addition, the teaching methods and the exercises are always adapted to the participants, aimed to achieving both the individual and the group objectives.
Commercial Management Trainee - Ursus

Sorin was friendly and constantly making sure that every participant understood and was up to speed. He has a very logic way of explaining the course and encouraged us to try things aside of the prepared material, therefore it adapted very well to the audience its level.

Accounts Payable - Telekom
Florin is a great trainer, a man from whom we can learn (and have learned) many things. I hope that I will have the chance to participate in more courses delivered by him.
Project Manager - APS
I really liked that it combined practical elements with theoretical ones. I had a lot to learn, especially regarding the part about giving and receiving feedback and the part about eliminating words in emails.
Key Account Executive - GSK
The trainer offered more than I expected, had the patience to listen to us all and at the same time to answer all the questions without avoiding any topic.
Commercial Director - LOréal
These 2 days of training have been very rich in information. I appreciate the authenticity of the trainer thanks to his rich experience in sales. I would be happy to keep in touch for feedback after applying what I learned.
Junior Key Account Manager - Beiersdorf

The training was above expectations, very active and even helped me discover certain qualities / defects of which I was not aware. CONGRATULATIONS, CATALIN!

Project Manager - APS
The training itself included everything I consider necessary in such an activity: conceptual delimitations, group interactions and exercises applied to the activity of the company (real cases). Such an approach is useful both for the improvement of the activity within the company, and at a personal level.
Logistic Manager - Ciech
I found it very constructive that the course was focused on many exercises that will surely stay in our minds much easier. SFERA – A GREAT TEAM !! Thanks a lot!
Manager - Euro Narcis
These were 2 special days for me, with valuable information that was beautifully presented and reached my soul. I really liked how you helped us all get involved! Thank you!
Fashion Designer - ILONA ANDREOIU

A program like Sales Management Academy is very useful for what I do, firstly due to the fact that it helps me develop a specialized language, and secondly, because I learn very practical things, applicable in Romania, and for the fact that we interact with specialists both on the organizational psychology side and on the actual business side.
We are learning how to relate to people, our employees, our teams, how to form very good teams and how to understand the profile of a successful manager, whether it is an entrepreneur at the beginning or a more experienced one.


All the sessions fascinated me with the diversity of the topics covered. By far, the most interesting session was the one that referred to the recruitment, selection, and motivation of the team.
I recommend Sales Management Academy because it gives you interesting, unexpected, and immediately applicable prospects in your day-to-day activities as Sales Manager.

General Manager - MOVING BOX

Trainers are exceptional! So far, I have had the pleasure to interact with Catalin and Florin. The way of teaching is interactive, very dynamic, with many practical exercises.

Commercial Director - CAFEA FORTUNA

I would recommend SMA to sales management professionals due to the structure of the program, particularly to the fact that the theoretical part is delivered, examples are provided, and the examples come from the trainers’ expertise; real expertise. When we do exercises we learn a lot from them and also from the experience of the other participants.